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Rocket Electric Offers Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Upgrading your home’s lighting includes the interior rooms and exterior spaces. A well-lit backyard can be as inviting and visually pleasing as a stylish kitchen or family room. ROCKET ELECTRIC has helped households throughout Marietta, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas with indoor and outdoor lighting design, installation, and sales. Our well-trained and experienced technicians pair exceptional workmanship with excellent customer service to make your lighting experience completely satisfactory. Whether you need a chandelier in your dining room or have a large landscape enhancement project, let us provide the best possible results.

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We Sell, Design, & Install Indoor Lighting

ROCKET ELECTRIC’s talented technicians offer original lighting design to customize the look of your home. We also offer product sales and have in-depth knowledge of lighting options and how to incorporate them into the design. Once you approve our concept, we install your new lighting quickly and efficiently so that it works safely and blends with your room. Some popular lighting options we provide include the following:

Recessed Lighting

This lighting option includes metal lighthouses we install in your ceiling. It is a popular choice, but installing it is complicated and requires professional expertise. Our recessed lighting installations let you customize their performance, and they never go out of style.

Art Lighting

If you want to illuminate artwork in your home or light up your art studio, we can install art lighting. This type of lighting includes options like track lighting, picture lights, and ceiling-mounted accent lights. We have years of experience helping art lovers enhance their visual displays with optimal lighting.

Pendant Lighting

We mount pendant lighting to the ceiling, and it hangs on a rod or chain from a canopy. This lighting option is excellent for high ceilings because it puts light closer to tables and counters. You can also use it to light a living room with a vaulted or high ceiling.

Sconces and Chandeliers

Whether you need simple accent lighting along your walls or an eye-catching lighting option hanging in your foyer or dining room, we have you covered. We offer sensible sconces and beautiful chandeliers to illuminate your home.

Modern patio at night

Design, Sales, & Installation for Outdoor Illumination

Your home’s outdoor lighting requires professional help to ensure it looks its best and works safely for years. ROCKET ELECTRIC has in-depth knowledge and experience designing custom lighting solutions and helping customers select and purchase the perfect products for their projects. Once we confirm the design, our technicians will install your lighting to enhance your exterior living spaces. Whether you value aesthetics or security, we work with your needs and budget for lighting solutions, such as the following:

Landscape Lighting

You can enhance your outdoor living space with well-placed outdoor lighting to highlight your landscape. This option gives your property aesthetic appeal and provide safety while you navigate your deck, pathways, and around trees.

Security Lighting

Whether you want to scare off wildlife or deter intruders at night, we offer strategically placing lighting to illuminate the areas around your home. Our technicians aim floodlights and spotlights around your property that operate automatically, by switch or using motion sensors.


Enhance your outdoor security with cameras strategically placed around your property. Our team installs these devices to monitor any activities and capture intruders and vandals around entrances, by the garage, or lurking at your windows.

Outdoor Generators

A power outage affects more than your indoor electronics and lighting. Ensure your outdoor lights and security devices stay running during a storm or electrical emergency with an outdoor generator.

Serving Residents of Kennesaw, GA & Beyond

ROCKET ELECTRIC appreciates the trust you put in us with your indoor and outdoor lighting project installations and repairs. We honor the trust with exemplary service by our team of courteous and professional technicians. We work quickly and efficiently to complete lighting solutions that operate safely and dependably. If you need help immediately with any electrical needs, including better security with spotlights and floodlights, we have same-day service available.

Schedule Expert Electrical Care at Your Home