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Powering Homes with Generators

Georgia is no stranger to severe storms, including hurricanes. The torrential rain and violent wind can take down power lines and leave homes without electricity for days. The food in your fridge can spoil, and your family will be stuck sweating in the dark without lights or your HVAC system. ROCKET ELECTRIC’s customers can avoid issues like these with a backup generator that kicks on when the power goes out. We install generators in Marietta, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas to keep homeowners safe and comfortable when a power outage hits their neighborhoods. Installing a generator at your home is the perfect solution to power your home’s electrical system until your utility supplies are fixed.

Residential standby generator

We Install Generators to Ensure Dependable Use

Our technicians work efficiently to connect your generator to the transfer switch and wire it into your service panel during an installation. Proper installation ensures your home is safe from fires, back-feeding, and other safety issues. You also avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by having our professionals perform this service. A generator offers many benefits to homeowners, including the following:

  • Your family stays comfortable during an emergency. We can set up your generator to power your HVAC system and other vital appliances.
  • Indoor air quality stays optimal by keeping the air circulating throughout your house and running any air filtration systems you have. You also will not have to open doors and windows to prevent excessive heat buildup indoors.
  • If a heavy rainstorm causes a power outage, the water can also collect in your basement. A generator ensures your sump pump will continuously prevent flooding, which helps you avoid damage to flooring, drywall, and possessions.
  • A generator can increase your home’s value and help you sell your house at a better price. Investing in your home’s power protection makes it more appealing and attracts potential buyers.

Power Your Vehicle with an EV Charging Station

Let the expert team at ROCKET ELECTRIC keep your electric vehicle (EV) running with an EV charging station. We install level-one and level-two chargers at homes to ensure a clean power source that’s always available to charge your car. Most electric vehicles use the same connector, and we set up 120-volt and 240-volt outlets compatible with nearly any model. You don’t need to worry about purchasing the wrong charger. Electric cars always maintain control over the amount of electricity they take in, so there’s no concern about damaging it.

Schedule Expert Electrical Care at Your Home