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24 Hour Emergency Electrician Service

If you think you have an electrical emergency, call ROCKET ELECTRIC immediately. An electrical emergency can consist of a fallen power line, an unexpected power outage or a full power surge after a storm. ROCKET ELECTRIC is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Electrical emergencies can happen at anytime which is why we want you to call us immediately.


If you have an electrical emergency in Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Kennesaw or any of the surrounding areas call ROCKET ELECTRIC now at 770-853-4956.


Electrical Issues to Look For:

  • Burning Odors: If you smell something burning such as a plastic odor and/or you feel that the switch or outlet is warm this may be a sign of wires carrying too much current or connection issues.  This can cause the wires to heat up and melt the plastic sheathing covering the wire.  It is important to have this checked immediately by a Licensed Electrician.  If you see smoke or flames it is important to call your local Fire Department.
  • Electricity Outage: Portions or all of your home/building has no electricity unexpectedly.
  • Lights Flickering: If you have lights that are constantly flickering, this can be a sign of poor connections between wires and/or devices that are no longer functioning as intended. Flickering is often a result of voltage spikes which can lead to arc faults and cause a potential fire hazard.
  • Appliances not Working: Air Conditioner, washer, dryer or other appliances not working.
  • Shocks: Feeling an electrical shock when touching metal around the house such as sink or shower head.
  • Sparks: Seeing sparks coming from the wall or any device.

Schedule Expert Electrical Care at Your Home