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The Source for Expert Electrical Repairs

Your home’s lighting, wiring, air quality devices, and many other essential components should work dependably, without the risk of a short or fire. Having a faulty electrical system is not only inconvenient – it puts your home and family at risk. If you smell something burning, an outlet isn’t working, or you notice flickering or dimming lights, contact us right away. These are just a few of many signs you have an electrical issue. ROCKET ELECTRIC is available to perform electrical repairs at Marietta, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding area households. We provide a free inspection before any service to determine any issues and their causes, so we can resolve them quickly and keep your family safe.

Electrician installing lamp on house

High-Quality Repairs for Safe, Reliable Power Use

Whether you have an issue with a power switch or you feel the heat coming from behind a wall, ROCKET ELECTRIC will help you with any electrical problem. A home’s electrical system is complex, and the power surging through the wires can be dangerous with a faulty outlet or frayed wire. Our technicians are fully trained and seasoned at handling repairs on your lighting, controls, wiring, and other system components. We work quickly and efficiently to rectify problems in any room of your house, including a blown circuit breaker in the garage. We always offer honest and accurate pricing on our high-quality, long-lasting repairs after examining the problem and assessing the best options.

Trust Our Technicians’ Training & Expertise

We would never send a poorly trained technician to your home to perform subpar repairs. That’s why we invest in a staff of highly trained and amply experienced technicians. We have decades of combined experience serving a broad range of electrical needs at Georgia homes. Each member of our technician team is cleared with a drug test and background check as well because you deserve service at your home from a trustworthy professional. We also pair every high-quality service with outstanding customer service, from the first phone call to our office to the finishing touches at your home.

Updating Homes With Our Wiring Services

ROCKET ELECTRIC values our customers’ home safety and convenience. We stay on top of a wide array of electrical services to ensure they always get the repairs, installations, and other services they need. One important service we offer is exceptional care for your home’s wiring. With the growing power demands of households, keeping up-to-date on your wiring is a crucial task to ensure your system can handle Wi-Fi systems, flat-screen televisions, and laptops. Our experienced technicians specialize in wiring services for various devices, including entertainment centers, computers, hot tubs, and pools. We also perform rewiring to upgrade the old configuration in your home. All our services come with stellar customer service.

Electrician fixing the Light

Prevent Overloads by Rewiring Your System

Rewiring is a necessary part of homeownership. If you are expanding your current living space or building an addition, buying an older home, or trying to sell your home, let our technicians add and update the wiring. Taking care of your home’s wiring prevents your electrical circuit from overloading. An overload is caused when you transfer more power in the wires than your circuit can handle, resulting in an outage. Old wiring and outdated systems that don’t accommodate your household power needs are more than just inconvenient. They can cause damage to your electronics and potentially start a fire. Safe wiring is also a legal requirement if you are selling your home, so having a reliable electrician from ROCKET ELECTRIC is essential. Our rewiring services come with many benefits, such as:

  • Your home has better energy efficiency.
  • Rewiring increases your home’s value.
  • You have fewer outages and better access to power.
  • It increases home safety and prevents fires.
  • You can convert your loft or garage into a living space.
  • You’re able to add to your home or expand your current spaces.

Contact Rocket Electric Today

ROCKET ELECTRIC has your best interests at heart with every service we provide. If you need repairs, you can always rely on us for quick and thorough work that ensures your electrical system functions safely and dependably. We comply with all local and state codes and the industry’s strictest safety standards. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have an electrical issue at your home.

Schedule Expert Electrical Care at Your Home