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Do I need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

If you aren’t familiar with wiring, installing a ceiling fan isn’t something you should attempt to DIY. If installed improperly, you could experience problems. For example, an improperly installed ceiling fan might wobble, be noisy, get stuck on one speed, or the lights could flicker. Not to mention that you could shock yourself if you aren’t experienced with connecting electrical wires. Luckily, ROCKET ELECTRIC provides fast, efficient ceiling fan installation! Give us a call today and let’s get your ceiling fan installed right.

Should I hire an electrician to install a doorbell?

While you’ll likely receive instructions with your new doorbell, you might want to consider hiring a professional. If you aren’t familiar with wiring systems, you could electrocute yourself or install the doorbell incorrectly, which could end up costing you more money later on. By hiring a licensed electrician, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your doorbell is wired safely and correctly. Installing a hardwired video doorbell may require additional steps, such as using wire extenders or adding additional wiring.

How do you know if an electrical outlet is bad?

You’ll know if your electrical outlet is bad if you see cracking on your outlet covers, your outlet is getting hot or you see sparking, or if your lights are constantly flickering. If your home is older and the wiring hasn’t been updated, you should consider asking an electrician to take a look. The National Electric Code suggests that all homes build before 1965 get checked. This is because homes built before 1965 typically have two-prong outlets instead of three-prong outlets, which became a requirement in 1965. Three-prong outlets are grounded, so there’s less chance of electrical fires or electrocution. If you aren’t sure about your electrical outlets, call ROCKET ELECTRIC now so we can make sure your home is safe and secure.

Can surge protectors catch fire?

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 house fires caused by extension cords and power strips every year? Most of the time, these fires are caused because the power strip was overloaded. Many people aren’t aware that certain household appliances, like curling irons and coffee makers, should never be plugged into a power strip. Neither should another power strip! Plugging multiple strips together could easily overload the electrical system and quickly becomes a fire hazard. When using power strips, make sure you don’t place them under rugs or use indoor power strips outdoors. Need more outlets or a safer alternative for your appliances? Call ROCKET ELECTRIC now to have a whole house surge protector installed to protect all of your outlets and appliances.

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